About Us

About Townsville Hot Water

Your convenience and security come first, and so, our company is focused on providing services that address your needs whilst still meeting and even going beyond your expectations.  Problems in your hot water and plumbing solutions are neither too small nor too big for our company to manage. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know the problems youre currently faced with and well see that we are the ideal plumbing company to manage your plumbing concerns.

Furthermore,  Townsville Hot Water Specialists  always work with experienced, approachable, and skilled contractors to ensure everything is done efficiently. Our goal is to offer protection to your property and provide you with a stress-free experience. In case youre not that satisfied with the service you get, you can always provide us and we will see to it that your requirements are met.

Why Should You Hire Experts from Townsville Hot Water Specialists?

✓    Honest and Detailed Quotes

We begin with assessing the problem, then give you an honest and detailed quote over the phone. We dont give any surprise charges!

✓    Long List of Customers

We get the best feedback from our clients. Most of our clients have been with us since we started in this industry. They have always valued our trusted and premium service.

✓    Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our customers are always satisfied with us, giving us great feedback.

✓    Certified Plumbers and Hot Water Experts

We lead a team of highly-skilled, professionally certified, and licensed plumbers and experts. They got what it takes to provide solutions for hot water systems, clogged drains, gas lines, damaged pipes, taps, and toilets among many other plumbing issues and installations.